Upcoming (2016)  Student library advisory boards: engaging student in the library: experience and communicating the library’s value.  Scarecrow Press book chapter

Fuller, Cherry, Kearley, Donna, Byerly, Gayla; Ramin, Lilly.
“Community Collaboration for Inquiry Success.”
Knowledge Quest, Nov/Dec 2014.

Hoffman, Starr and Lilly Ramin. “Best Practices for Librarians Embedded in Online Courses,” Public Services Quarterly, 6.2 &3. (April 2010): 292-305.

Downey, Annie, Lilly Ramin, and Gayla Byerly. “Simple Ways to Add Active Learning to Your Library Instruction.” Texas Library Journal, 84.2  (Summer 2008): 52-54  (Invited)

Byerly, Gayla, Downey, Annie, and Lilly Ramin. “Footholds and foundations: Setting Freshman on the Path to Lifelong Learning” Reference Services Review 34.2 ( Fall 2006): 589-598

Cognotes. ALA 2006. New Orleans, LA (Summer 2006 – student to staff program). Issues: Mon, Tues, Highlights (hollywood librarian)…See also: ALA Conference Materials Archive!


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