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Library Expo 2015

LogoLibraryExpo15I was asked to present in 2013 and enjoyed discuss libraries and eduction with attendees and fellow presenters. This year, I’m back but with Jamie! See you at Library Expo 2015! #libexpo15

  • Students in Transition: Perspectives from High School, First Year Experience and Information Literacy Librarians ​(High School) Lilly Ramin, Instructional Technologies and Sociology Librarian (and asof January 2015, the First Year Experience Librarian) and Jamie Pouster (Denton HS) will discuss needs for collaborative research and college/career readiness efforts efforts and conversations to help students transition from high school to college. Greg Hardin, Information Literacy Coordinator, will briefly discuss how the new Framework for Information Literacy and other standards relate to incoming students. The panelists will share their varied experiences and encourage participants to join the conversation.

Links for topics discussed:

Libraries: Denton High School Library |UNT Libraries
DI4LL site: Denton Inquiry For Lifelong Learning | DI4LL wiki


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Cross Timbers Library Collaborative(CLTC) 2014 Conference

Presentation: Denton Inquiry 4 Lifelong Learning (DI4LL) – described project and PI role for grant.


Cross Timbers Library Collaborative:


2014 Final Conference Program


Denton Inquiry 4 Lifelong Learning (DI4LL): Lilly Ramin, Cherry Fuller, Byerly, Gayla (UNT), Greg Hardin (TWU). The Denton Inquiry 4 Lifelong Learning (DI4LL) is a collaborative project among librarians serving the constituencies of a range of institutions in the greater Denton literacy community through a shared investment in lifelong learning in our community. Librarians from TWU/UNT will discuss how the information needs and research skills of incoming students need to be addressed at an early age. The model used was “guided inquiry” which emphasizes a process appropriate to each level of the student. The presenters will give background information about the project and collaboration with teachers, professors, and librarians outside of their library type. Working together, we will focus our efforts on positively impacting the literacy of pre-kindergarten through graduate school learners.

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DI4LL Denton Inquiry for Lifelong Learning WordPress

We were going to have our Project Manager create another web presence to suppliment the DI4LL wiki set up prior to the grant, but for various reasons (mainly time) I created one. There are links to documents, but the logo, backgound and set up are original. Enjoy!
  | #di4ll

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Library Expo 2013


I was invited to speak at the Library Expo conference sponsored by Richardson and Plano ISD. They wanted a panel, so I asked my colleague Greg, also in Denton but at TWU, to also share experiences working in incoming students. While I went to present, I ended up really enjoying the conference! The keynote was Lee Rainie of Pew and I got to chat with some #di4ll (Denton Inquiry for Lifelong Learning) school librarians who came from Denton to attend. Small world!

Bridging the Gap: Preparing Secondary Students for Research at the College Level
Are your students ready for college? Develop ways to boost their information literacy IQ by joining librarians and professors from area post-secondary schools in a panel discussion with audience participation. Topics will include professor expectations and requirements, writing well in an academic setting, the differences between high school and academic research, research writing techniques and citation tools for the college student, tips to avoid plagiarism, and the severity of punitive measures in an academic setting for plagiarism, collusion, and other student acts.
Target Audience: Secondary (Panel, in alphabetical order:) Greg Hardin, TWU; Loreen Henry, UTD; Thomasina Hickmann, UTD; Terri Karlseng, Collin College; Dr. Joan Mortensen, UTD; and Lilly Ramin, UNT

(10-18-13 Pic Tweet by Julie Briggs @missjmbriggs)


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On Denton ISD In-Service “Getting Techy” session

RobotHandoutRaminImageMy handout from today “Technology Teasers” Robot Handout PDF includes some tools discussed by Greg and I to facilitate discussion for or today’s In-Service day for Denton ISD librarians . Elementary and Secondary School librarians went to each table to share their ideas. in what Donna called “speedgeeking” ; ) I brought along “Comment Robot” so people could put in suggestions on slips of paper as well.


Tweets:#di4ll @lillylibrarian @ghardin
DentonISD popular suggestions during #di4ll “speedgeeking” session: Glogster, Photo Story (mac/windows xp) Aurasma, Windows Moviemaker, Animoto, & befriend your ITS!

The ITS (Instructional Technology Specialist) was used interchangeably with CTS (Computer Technology Specialist) and it sounded like activities performed differed. Some librarians raved about their ITS/CTS and how s/he enabled collaboration with teachers to reach students. That’s pretty much want academic research and instructional librarians note about IT collaboration or lack thereof. We’re serving a different age group of students but there are similarities to the collbaoration process. (librarian& teacher/professor). Other ideas were: “Appy Hour” and “Tech Tuesdays” trainings for staff and technology newsletters.

I’ve hyper-linked  ideas (in image below) suggested by the librarians (some of which were new to me and I can’t wait to play with!):

Apps for Free, Big Huge Labs, Blabberize, Class Dojo, Dropbox, Edmodo, Google EarthiMovie, LiveBinders, Prezi, Sock Puppet app (itunes), TellagamiVideoliciousVoiceThread  Weebly, and more!

Denton ISD Tech Ideas

Denton ISD school librarian tech ideas

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Handout for DI4LL presentation

Handout for today’s In-Service day for Denton ISD librarians. The robot handout includes some links to  The “Technology Teasers” Robot Handout PDF includes some tools Greg and I will discuss. #di4ll

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We got the TSLAC grant for DI4LL

We got the TLSAC Cooperation Grant ($75,000!) to enable us to strengthen our efforts and support of the DI4LL (Denton Inquiry 4 Lifelong learning) project. First time grant writer and PI (Primary Investigator). Oh boy! Press release from TSLAC coming soon! 

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