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Currently, I tweet more than blog. Maybe it will new year resolution to blog more when something matters…or I THINK it does – Twitter-style ūüėČ ¬† Actually, I “follow” a few pretty cool peeps with tweets which I find insightful, humorous, and/or timely.¬† Prominent hastags: #di4ll #inquiry (our Denton Inquiry for Lifelong Learning project and TSLAC 2013-2014 grant) #embedded #librarianonlocation¬† #outreach (outside office hours, partnerships with campus groups like the multicultural center, orientations, marketing, etc.)¬† Hmm. If I think of any in this nerdy key/classification system I may add more.


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FYE list

I posted some First Year Experience pics and links on the wiki

Products (on-going list):

2015- Year 1 for First Year Experience

First Flight for incoming freshman – mandatory session with the librarian (2015) https://lillylibrarian.wordpress.com/2015/08/31/first-flight-2015-for-incoming-freshman/

First Flight for incoming transfer students https://lillylibrarian.wordpress.com/2015/08/31/first-flight-2015-for-incoming-transfer-students/
–Tweet: https://twitter.com/lillylibrarian/status/633758288589426688


Transfer (2015) https://lillylibrarian.wordpress.com/2015/08/01/transfer-orientations/
— tweet: https://twitter.com/lillylibrarian/status/624652140821110784
— tweet:https://twitter.com/lillylibrarian/status/619193177824755716

2016 – Year 2

First Flight Mandatory session for Freshman (2016)
–Tweet: https://twitter.com/lillylibrarian/status/768165687202242560
–Tweet, First Flight Leaders: https://twitter.com/lillylibrarian/status/768086745388756993
-Tweet, large class, Eagle Caw https://twitter.com/lillylibrarian/status/768467388136206337

Transfer Debut (Orientations)
Tweet: https://twitter.com/lillylibrarian/status/774260346831802368
Tweet, May 19, of Admissions Staff: https://twitter.com/lillylibrarian/status/865577647245545473

Transfer Appreciation Week Sept 2016:
Tweet, Willis Library: https://twitter.com/lillylibrarian/status/780799079710232578

Transfer Appreciation Week March 2016:
Tweet, Media Library: https://twitter.com/lillylibrarian/status/837775104813723648

More links to come.  Tweets from @lillylibrarian

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Here are some quick links to demo some blogs I created and maintain for Dean’s Coffee on 11/15/16 at UNT Willis Library.


Blog/webpage/e-portfolio: https://lillylibrarian.wordpress.com/
Reel to Real Classics (Classic Film Group): https://reeltorealclassics.wordpress.com
Beta Phi Mu Beta Lambda Chapter (Honor Society) : https://bpmbetalambda.wordpress.com/
Denton Inquiry For Lifelong Learning (Product as Grant PI): https://dentoninquiry.wordpress.com/

UNT  Libraries Template:

Serving Student Blog (Maintain & create posts as of August 2016): http://blogs.library.unt.edu/serving-students

Guest post for UNT Media Library
Tiny URL: http://tinyurl.com/jn5msl5
Tiny URL with preview: http://preview.tinyurl.com/jn5msl5
“Enter the Webb: The Actor in Fox Film Noir classics Laura, and The Dark Corner” (2015)
http://blogs.library.unt.edu/media/2015/11/05/enter-the-webb-the-actor-in-fox-film-noir-classics-laura-and-the-dark-corner/   (Yeah, too long!)

1. Consider a platform/tool to host site
2. Blog site name (potential domain name)
3. themes (browse/consider custom headers and other features)
4. Create Pages
5. Create Posts
6. Add Media (upload images, videos, etc) which you can insert into posts. Visuals are important!
7. Add categories and tags to organize posts
8.Admin pages (i.e. WPAdmin) to add widgets and make changes
9. Share the blog / Collaborate (add others to blog if you want)
10. Make edits, change themes – on-going.
Plus a lot more things you can do! 

Ask the question: do I need a custom domain name  or advanced features available with other platforms? Note costs and services.

“Microblogging” tools such as Twitter may be incorporated as a widget especially if you do not blog as frequently as others (I am one of these people @lillylibrarian¬†).
Your @username is your “handle” and “hastags” organize posts by topic.

  • To add available widgets

Tools > Widgets> Select and add (such as Twitter to Sidebar)


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On mentoring – a visual for LearnRT presentation

A topic I am have been thinking about with regards to training, especially one-on-one, is the mentor/mentee relationship. There is a need to discuss the motivation to pursue this collaboration (or not) and what makes it an effective one for both.  I will discuss this  and related topics with attendees at the LearnRT at the ALA 2016 annual conference session.
~ Lilly / @lillylibrarian

Here’s a visual I created to guide Q & A:





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Librarian on Location Multicultural Center

Last year, my “LOL” efforts with the Multicultural Center started in a humble temporary building, then moved to our newly renovated student union this Spring. At my last shift, 2/17/16, a custom banner advertising the service and my availability for questions (currently Wednesdays 11-1pm to catch the lunchtime crowd.)

I will confess the size of the picture is awkward for me, and I did request a smaller one, but that didn’t happen and I know there is a method to the madness ūüôā I was able to get “Librarian” in front of librarian on location, and the link to my FYE guide on there!

We’ll see if students are more or less likely to stop by…


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Library Expo 2015

LogoLibraryExpo15I was asked to present in 2013 and enjoyed discuss libraries and eduction with attendees and fellow presenters. This year, I’m back but with Jamie! See you at Library Expo 2015! #libexpo15

  • Students in Transition: Perspectives from High School, First Year Experience and Information Literacy Librarians ‚Äč(High School) Lilly Ramin, Instructional Technologies and Sociology Librarian (and asof January 2015, the First Year Experience Librarian) and Jamie Pouster (Denton HS) will discuss needs for collaborative research and college/career readiness efforts efforts and conversations to help students transition from high school to college. Greg Hardin, Information Literacy Coordinator, will briefly discuss how the new Framework for Information Literacy and other standards relate to incoming students. The panelists will share their varied experiences and encourage participants to join the conversation.

Links for topics discussed:

Libraries: Denton High School Library |UNT Libraries
DI4LL site: Denton Inquiry For Lifelong Learning | DI4LL wiki
Posts: https://lillylibrarian.wordpress.com/2015/08/31/first-flight-2015-for-incoming-freshman/

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On Subject Librarianship

So in the beginning there were liaisons. Then, were were subject librarians. The change was good. In general, I am not in favor of not hiding but the word “library” when promoting services of the library. In academia, I am fortunate to work with some people who might not know what a librarian does, but appreciate the efforts of librarians when they encounter them.

Common comments: Yes, we have a masters (or two) | Yes, we present and publish |No, we didn’t come to your other class, because we can’t just show up without being removed by campus security but glad you liked it! (Actually i am not sure about this one and now I am wondering if any one has tried.)

In the variations of my position at UNT,¬† I have filled in for many subjects upon request for varying amounts of time such as: Philosophy & Religion, Communication Studies, Rehab, Social Work and Addictions (Later department of Disability and Addiction Rehabilitation). Yet, from beginning …there was and is Sociology.

The very first instruction request I taught for Sociology was alongside my predecessor Monika, who kindly let me tag along before I officially took over. That class was a PhD course for Dr. Rudy Ray Seward. Despite being a librarian in my 20s (strange enough in 2007), I was welcomed and went on to teach many other library instruction sessions from intro classes to research methods for him. What a happy surprise to find collegiality and collaboration amongst two separate but similar groups in academic world.

The first library instruction session is a sort of audition even if there is a method to the madness through guidelines and library course guides. When invited to any of the professor’s classes, I am privileged to be part of the class and see their good work. I have had similar collaborative moments working with a talented professor, library instruction advocate and honor society adviser, Dr. Michael Thompson.¬† Over the years, I have worked with other dedicated professors on research requests, collection development, subject guides, and navigating whatever changes may come.

I am fortunate that the current department chair, Dr. Rodeheaver, has been supportive enough to have me present at faculty meetings and PhD orientations, promote my Librarian On Location activities in Chilton, and answer questions. With subject librarianship, the efforts must be on-going, which is why it should be valued in and out of the library. Every year there are new students (some to the university, some to the major) and potentially new professors, teaching fellows and adjuncts to try to reach.

Thank you to all the professors, who give a subject librarian a shot…even a “one-shot”;)


With Dr. Seward (in his retirement party shirt!)
(used with permission) 

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First Flight 2015 for incoming transfer students

I was honored to be asked to speak at the Transfer Tips session during First Flight week. It was my 4th presentation (see First Flight for incoming freshman post) but the set up enabled a Q & A at the end. A thank you goes to Kelsey for this opportunity. There were questions such as tips about commuting to Denton, campus services and there were also questions about the library. Since services vary at other colleges¬†or universities, I was happy to give UNT specific information. At the UNT, they have the Transfer Center.¬† I like the the mission they have on their site “ It is impossible for a new transfer student to know all the ins and outs of college life at UNT, so the Transfer Center provides support to all transfer students during their transition period.¬† The Transfer Center‚Äôs main goal is to help students connect to important campus resources, ensuring a successful transition to UNT.¬† Transfer students are very important to UNT; each fall, we welcome over 3,500 new transfer students on our campus and our goal is to be a resource to all of them. http://studentaffairs.unt.edu/transfer-center

Regarding the “first year experience,” incoming freshman and transfer students have in common is their newness to the academic setting they are now part of. Like distance students, it is crucial to make sure that they DO feel a part of the campus even if they are community or have had a shorter history with it.




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First Flight 2015 for incoming freshman

In my new duties as First Year Experience Librarian, I put into action the plan to do a presentations for the incoming freshman (#unt19). Orientation and Transition Programs coordinates the event, and in the end the agenda included: 3 presentations a day for three days back to back by me, and library tables outside Willis/main library, Eagle Commons Library and Media Library. The students would be lead to a “First Flight Leader.” It was the first time this has been done, and I decided to created a guide serving freshman and transfer students (guides.library.unt.edu/fye) and an quick introduction to the main library (Willis Library in 30 seconds) Last year there were library tours completed by a colleague (no longer at UNT) but the Orientation and Transition Programs endorsed the idea that all the freshman to attend my session as 1 of the 3 required sessions (my colleague Greg took some pics for our dept, tweeted, and helped w/room set up):


What was it like? A picture is worth a 1,000 words….




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Student Library Advisory Board – USLAB (year 1)

USLAB, year 1…2014 first ever undergraduate section of the student library advisory board (SLAB) at UNT Libraries. The board began with the graduate group in 2013. The meetings were seperate except the feedback meetings.¬†¬† co-faciliated the first year with Mary Ann. It was a busy year, too!
First: Get members for the new year and review past year’s data. We reviewed previous year surveys for data and names of students who said they would be interested in serving. SLAB, the graduate group, administered surveys as a major project, and while they received a lot of a large amount of these were undergraduates, which was helpful data going in). We put the information online and I made sure to have some print applications on hand to distribute at the Carnaval! event (800-1,000 students) where I had a library table. We got our applicants and had a couple of meetings. There were also special projects, such as providing feedback for the library website undergoing an overhaul, feedback about the bookable library rooms, and more. The Dean attended two meetings and provided pizza for the final feedback event. Two very popular and sponsored events for finals week, included: Coffee & Cookies, and Paws Across Texas.



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