Here are some quick links to demo some blogs I created and maintain for Dean’s Coffee on 11/15/16 at UNT Willis Library.


Reel to Real Classics (Classic Film Group):
Beta Phi Mu Beta Lambda Chapter (Honor Society) :
Denton Inquiry For Lifelong Learning (Product as Grant PI):

UNT  Libraries Template:

Serving Student Blog (Maintain & create posts as of August 2016):

Guest post for UNT Media Library
Tiny URL:
Tiny URL with preview:
“Enter the Webb: The Actor in Fox Film Noir classics Laura, and The Dark Corner” (2015)   (Yeah, too long!)

1. Consider a platform/tool to host site
2. Blog site name (potential domain name)
3. themes (browse/consider custom headers and other features)
4. Create Pages
5. Create Posts
6. Add Media (upload images, videos, etc) which you can insert into posts. Visuals are important!
7. Add categories and tags to organize posts
8.Admin pages (i.e. WPAdmin) to add widgets and make changes
9. Share the blog / Collaborate (add others to blog if you want)
10. Make edits, change themes – on-going.
Plus a lot more things you can do! 

Ask the question: do I need a custom domain name  or advanced features available with other platforms? Note costs and services.

“Microblogging” tools such as Twitter may be incorporated as a widget especially if you do not blog as frequently as others (I am one of these people @lillylibrarian ).
Your @username is your “handle” and “hastags” organize posts by topic.

  • To add available widgets

Tools > Widgets> Select and add (such as Twitter to Sidebar)



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