American Library Association Annual Conference 2015 (#alaac#15) Notes

Notes: I also tweeted a bit @lillylibrarian #alaac15

Friday LITA Open House:
I discussed the group with colleagues and presented at the Friday LITA Open House. We broke up into groups and I answered questions about Instructional Technologies and the IG goals for my table.
• LITA Instructional Technologies IG (role: Chair) It was time to renew my interest group so I had some paperwork and meetings this conference. Many of these requests occurred a day or two before the conference, so that definitely took unexpected time. However, now I am definitely prepared for 2018. The most challenging part is that LITA is a separate division, so members in other divisions, such as ACRL, were not eligible to show their support officially. I enlisted some trusted colleagues to be part of the groups and met some new, interested colleagues working in the field of technology, distance learning, outreach and instruction. For my business meeting, which tends to be more presentation/discussion, we had a lively conversation and discussed communication preferences and virtual involvement. ALA Connect was not a popular platform.
— See also post:  LITA Instructional Techologies IG June 2015 meeting blog post
Top Tech Trends Twitter hashtag – #ALATTT is probably the most popular session for LITA. If you are curious to learn more, check out the ALA page: Here is the blog on the topic:
Presentation: I was invited back to the LearnRT Best Practices in Training Showcase. The format for this session was quite different – which was fast-paced fun but a bit of a surprise. I gave my presentation repeatedly to groups coming to my table. The pro: I met many librarians and professional trainers and received feedback on my efforts at UNT. The con: I defiantly had a scratchy throat afterwards – partly because Saturday was a jam-packed day. Still, it was worth it 🙂
• You can find pictures, notes, and tidbits by looking at the official hashtag tweets: # alacc15

Many more sessions and ideas shared. Check out the “Look Back” post by American Libraries:
A LOOK BACK ala 2013 image from travel report ALA 2015


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