LITA Instructional Technologies IG meeting June (#alaac15)

Library Information Technology Association (division of ALA) Instructional Technologies IG meeting (see ALA Connect for notes) June 27, 2015 – 3:00pm to 4:00pm

Our meeting this year was a pivotal one, as we had to collect signatures and restock positions to continue the group. I spoke to some new people at the open house (some of them not yet members).

Alas, we are odd ducks. As of 2015, I am a member of ALA, ACRL, LITA, LearnRT …because these different groups fit my varying interests, but I understand it gets pricey (I was so lucky to know fellow money-conscious librarians who were at ALA to be able to grab a sofa this year in a house!) So, the challenge I learned as Chair is going through this process with some people were enthusiastic about a group dealing with instruction and technology but weren’t currently LITA members so could not sign 😦  Of course this is a LITA group, so it has to be relevant to the division. That said,  I would like to update you all that we got the signatures and I was able to replace the previous position, so thank all you LITA members your support! 🙂

I asked my colleague Greg (@ghardin) to step in this year since we needed to replace the secretary position it is really hard to run the session and take notes.  He kindly agreed = yay!. He will also be helping me with sessions and/or virtual meetings (Position: Vice Chair).

Stay tuned for any other ALA Annual 2016 communication involving the new cool librarians I met! 🙂  You can contact me if you have questions (@lillylibrarian or by email) Official ALA page about LITITIG:


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