Association of College and Research Libraries Annual Conference (#acrl2015) Notes

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ACRL Conference Notes (Lilly Ramin) – Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) Conference Portland, OR March 25-29, 2015

The 2015 ACRL conference in Portland turned out busier than I imagined. I was “working” so part of my responsibility was checking on the programs my team was coordinating and participating when possible. It was a new experience to see this conference behind the scenes. As an academic libraries orientated conference there were some good topics and sessions to discuss with colleagues.

  • The ACRL President did a session on next steps for the thresholds to a packed room. You can find the framework (2015) and the information literacy standards (2000) here: . Framework quick link: . Colleagues shared their specific experiences and activities via Contributed papers. If you are interested in the Contributed papers, you may want to check out the ACRL 2015 proceedings (papers):
  • A session that was a highlight for me, was the“Data Literacy” session. They noted that this sort of research can be “difficult because tools to find data are not at the same level. Also issues of file format that make access of data complicated. As the Sociology librarian I enjoyed the discussion of teaching data sets in Sociology Research Methods classes, since I often teach these classes and work with students and faculty trying to find qualitative and quantitative data. Both new ideas and common techniques are always good to learn about.

INNOVATIONS COMMITTEE (Team Lead, Team Engagement)
Leading up to the conference I was invited to serve on the Innovations Committee –
Once on the committee, I led “Team Engagement” which came up with two new programs. This year, we organized:
1) Book clubs centered on three themes:

Bookclub Group discussions of selected ACRL 2015 Conference readings based on the theme “Creating Sustainable Community”
1. Creating: “The Maker Movement Manifesto” (M.Hatch)
2. Sustainable: “Ecology and the Architectural Imagination” (B.Muller)
3. Community: “The Butterfly Mosque” (G.Willow Wilson)
2) Lunch groups
organized by topics (called BOF- Birds of a Feather).
TWEET (w/image): Mar 26 our BOF lunch program happening. I think knitting, board games, green living, films still going strong!

For the book clubs, I set up a GoodReads site for all groups, and led the session on Butterfly Mosque with the author.
The programs, new and favorites are on the ACRL program fun page: – There were also accompanying ribbons.

ROUNDTABLE: (Presentation)
I facilitated a roundtable with Dr. Annie Downey. While the information literacy standards are new and somewhat controversial, we wanted to begin a conversation about the draft in relation to our respective subject areas, Sociology (UNT) and Anthropology (Reed). With participants we discussed the language of the framework, adjusting to the very different structure and looked forward to the ACRL President’s program on the subject. Our session was titled: Exploring ACRL’s Draft Framework for IL as Applied to Undergraduate Social Science Research and Instruction

ACRL 2015 BOOK CLUB (Facilitator, Lilly Ramin + Author G. Willow Wilson)
Theme: “Community” | Book: The Butterly Mosque – I created questions but facilitated the discussion based on group interest. Many participants had questions for the author who was gracious to join our session and discussion. I wore my yellow pants and boots to meet the current t Ms. Marvel creator:)


G. Willow Wilson was also a great ACRL 2015 keynote speaker

 Mar 25 Contemplate this: “what if the stories we tell people about our identity are not true?”

: I did a shift at the ACRL Booth which is a good way to give swag and talk to colleagues curious about ACRL. At the booth, there were coupons for publications, brochures for where they are giving out free registration for ACRL 2017 in Baltimore. Tweetw/image: Mar 27 come visit us at ACRL booth #515. Chat and drop off your card to win free registration for 2017!

GETTING INVOLVED If you want to get involved in committees, you can also fill out a volunteer form. Note: the deadline for 2015-2016 appointments was February 15. 2015.


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