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I remember going to pretty cool event at Ray Roberts I was told about by John, who used to work at a student assistant in the library but who was pursuing a master naturalist certification. The presentation was fun but the rain brought us indoors. There, I had even more fun nerding out with Kelly, the park interpreter on at the time, on boooks — including classics. I mentioned I always wanted to have a non-traditional book club and since I enjoy hiking, I needed to come to the park more. John noted we pretty much were having a book club. John had expereince co-facilitated Alby Reads Book Club at UNT. So, Ray Roberts Reads was born!

We read a few books (our first book being The Martian) but we are currently on hiatus due to flooding at the park. Our book selection included a couple of classics I choose from the Denton High School required reading list. Why? Because it doesn’t have to be boring. Read, and go for a hike. Not too shabby if you ask me!


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