Library Expo 2013


I was invited to speak at the Library Expo conference sponsored by Richardson and Plano ISD. They wanted a panel, so I asked my colleague Greg, also in Denton but at TWU, to also share experiences working in incoming students. While I went to present, I ended up really enjoying the conference! The keynote was Lee Rainie of Pew and I got to chat with some #di4ll (Denton Inquiry for Lifelong Learning) school librarians who came from Denton to attend. Small world!

Bridging the Gap: Preparing Secondary Students for Research at the College Level
Are your students ready for college? Develop ways to boost their information literacy IQ by joining librarians and professors from area post-secondary schools in a panel discussion with audience participation. Topics will include professor expectations and requirements, writing well in an academic setting, the differences between high school and academic research, research writing techniques and citation tools for the college student, tips to avoid plagiarism, and the severity of punitive measures in an academic setting for plagiarism, collusion, and other student acts.
Target Audience: Secondary (Panel, in alphabetical order:) Greg Hardin, TWU; Loreen Henry, UTD; Thomasina Hickmann, UTD; Terri Karlseng, Collin College; Dr. Joan Mortensen, UTD; and Lilly Ramin, UNT

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