TechNet 2011

TechNet was very well done this year, and I learned a lot and caught up with some colleagues.

I really enjoyed presenting on e-portfolios with Starr. It is a love of topic for me, but I think we had a good flow because the questions were great and it was so much fun. We covered creating portfolios online via PBWorks and WordPress.

A highlight for me was hearing Jessamyn West discussing technology training in her rural Vermont town, because even though our environments are different we have plenty of students of various ages and backgrounds who need technology assistance. She and my collegue Greg came over to UNT Willis Library, and she seemed impressed with the hands-on instruction room and equiptment. Yeah, we do have some good stuff actually. Perspective is almost everything. The speakers had dinner in Decatur. I got to chat with Rachel Vacek, from my almamatter UH (go cougers!) . She did a helpful presentation on CMS systems, and gave me the update on UH. Great conference, great price. I hope they can continue these educational opportunities. The program for TechNet can be found at:


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