My week – Library Day in the Life Project

Bobbi Newman‘s Library Day in The Life project is on round 7,  and when I got an invite I decided to give it a go! (Twitter #libday7 / Learn more by reading this post or visit the Bobbi’s PBworks Page for #libday

1. What type of librarian are you?  An academic librarian @ a texas university,  who serves various liaison areas, utilizes technology in instruction and training, mentors, and supervises. (see: main page of this site)
2. Thoughts/Why:

It is such a great idea to share what librarians do, because it is so varied and often a mystery to people. Often in the summer it’s a little more tame in an academic library, but not lately. I found myself crammed with pre-vacation projects wrap up (ex. ref stats database & training) emergency website cleanup (ex. new UNT catalog &  netLibrary now = ebooks on ebscohost) and faculty requests.  Summer is the least cruelest time to leave your department without assistance & being a task oriented person I cannot relax until certain things are done). We’ve also had a most librarians out for TLA Annual Assembly, vacation and sadly, flu-like illness but the Ask Us reference show must go on! This is staffed by our RIS department(& a couple of ECL peeps) but luckily a couple of people stepped up to take extra shifts we got it done! 🙂
I am one of those people who is not an uber-blogger or constant tweeter (tho I greatly appreciate my colleagues who do!) so it was also good practice for me to take the put my images on my flickr account then tweet my post (which I couldn’t fit all my tasks into). It’s good documentation, which I always tell the SLIS students when I do e-portfolio trainings. Also,  picture tells 1,000 words right? Thanks Bobbi for coordinating this!

Lilly Ramin @lillylibrarian Weekly Tweets (UNT Library-world)

  • #libday7. Day 5: Chat w/soci patron who recognized me from instruction, Plone class page, worked on brochures, etc.
  • #libday7 ~Day1: Taught hands on Plone CMS training. Tech training is a nice way to start the day! Email…(not-so-nice)
  • #libday7. Just got home. Day 2: E-reserve request & website edits for RIS. New library catalog release tomorrow!
  • #libday7. Day 3: Ref Desk, Met UCRS Peer Mentor, Web edits, Ref Stats Database Vocab Report, SharePoint.
  • #libday7. Day 4: assessment mtg w/librarian then programmer, collection devpt, booked Sociology Phd orientation, web edits, worked l8 again
  • #libday7. Day 5: Chat w/soci patron who recognized me from instruction, Plone class page, worked on brochures, etc.

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