Library Day in the Life Round 7 this week

Bobbi Newman’s Library Day in The Life project is on round 7 – Twitter #libday7 / Learn more by reading this post)

Day1: Walked to work and met up with Kayci who is a SLIS student/public library staff paraprofessional  working with me because she wants to learn more about academic libraries. Both she and our newest librarian Doug, needed Plone training so I booked our instruction room and gave them hands on training.  Tech training is so fun!

This is going to be a busy week…It’s never boring being an academic librarian. If you like what you do there are always chances to do projects (or be volunteered for them ; ) Although there are less students in the library, professors are planning for next semester, librarians who are instructors are also planning (i got muchado for UCRS1000 – think I need to do some of this work doing vacation) Luckily PBworks is accessible whereever you have internet so I can work on this in California.
Gotta prepare for TechNet too at some point . Tuesday night is probably when  I will get to this, yeesh – Luckily I just need to practice/tweak the adobe presentation we have since we’ve done this for a training.  Very excited to meet the keynotes!

The plan: tweet everyday and just compile them into one mega-post. 


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