Denton Reads 2008 (Enders Game)

“The 2008 selection is Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card. It is the first book in the Ender series, which currently encompasses nine novels and ten short stories.” Author visit: 10-18-2008.

Denton Reads 2008: Getting Enders Game signed by Orson Scott Card @ author visit – Annie, Lilly (me) & Rick.

How great to meet a bunch of people, previously complete strangers, and discuss a book (often they are passionate about) and occasionally gush over the future visit of the author in this “little d” known as Denton. People are really into the Ender’s Game series and I’m got to experience that excitement of continuing to be part of the Denton Reads for 2008. We chose the original book, and it was the first for me (I have not read much in the genre but was really excited having a friend who LOVED the book. )

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